Sarath has now become an expert in talking. He can say every word very clearly and loves to mix and match Telugu and English words. He is the king of logic in our house. He has a logic for everything. Here are some of our conversations.

Me: Can you bring me that catalog?
Sarath: No. I will bring you a dog-a-log…


Sarath was sitting on his chair under the dining table. He tried to get out and fell down backwards along with his chair.

DH: Did you get hurt?
Sarath: yes
DH: Did the chair get hurt? Is the chair crying? (just trying to distract him from crying)
Sarath: The chair cannot cry or talk nanna. It does not have a mouth…

I cannot figure how a chair cannot talk but, his favorite stuff toy can talk, eat, sleep and get timeouts!


After coming back from day care, I was casually talking to him in Telugu

Me: Did you talk to your friends today?
Sarath: yes
Me: What did you talk?
Sarath: I talked something in English

I guess now I have to learn some English to talk with his friends!

Although, I enjoy these conversations with him, I wonder where did my little boy go? When did he grow up? It feels like yesterday he was saying all these two letter words and trying desperately to communicate. Today, he is teaching us logic. WOW!

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