Our Valentines day was just another day. We did not do anything special or get each other gifts. Usually I get a card for S and he gets me flowers. This year we just wished each other and that was it.

Sarath’s class had a little Valentines day party and the kids exchanged cards and candy. Sarath was so excited about it. I made him write the cards to all his friends. I almost wanted to write the cards and be done with it in 10 min. But, I realized he is going to have fun writing them even if it takes longer. He had to write 11 cards and by the end of it he was tired.

Here are the cards he gave his friends.


All the parents were invited to their class party. the kids played a fun game where they each had a heart with an animal on it. They had to go around and ask clues and find out who else in their class had the matching animal and pair up with them. It was fun watching the kids trying to come up with clues.

Then, they decorated their heart shaped cookie.


The kids ate the cookies and we came home. It was a small fun party.

Here is the heart shaped paper bag each kid made to hold all their cards and candy.


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  1. For us this is our first valentine day in Canada and i was not sure what is done at school. Kids brought many cards and treats given to them by there friends..I can feel the kids love in those cards…Like your Sarath writing all the cards by himself…..

    I some how never liked the concept of Valentine day..i always feel it is the people who make use of this day and earn like anything with the merchandising…Where ever we see t is all hearts….balloons….pop ups….cakes….list is endless….

    1. Kids actually take these very seriously and are very passionate about it.

      I agree with you that Valentines day seems more about the stuff one can buy rather than the actual love one feels for somebody. I guess is the same about any holiday.

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