What will happen?????

Dealing with a toddler takes up all the energy I have. Now that he understands logic and needs an explanation for everything, I am facing one of the toughest exams in life. He always wants to know what will happen if he does not do what he is told to do. A couple of days ago, he was sitting on the chair with his cup of milk without drinking.

Me: You have to finish your milk fast.

S: What will happen if I do not drink fast?

Me: You will not have enough time to play.

S: What will happen if I do not have enough time to play?

Me: Well, you cannot play before taking a bath.

S: I do not want to play before taking a bath.

Me: Okay, you have to still finish your milk fast. You cannot sit there for half an hour.

S: What will happen if I sit here for half an hour?

Me: The milk will go cold and you will not feel like drinking anymore.

S: I want cold milk.

Me: Okay, it is already cold. So, why don’t you finish drinking it?

S: (fake crying) I want hot milk…….

and the questions are never ending…………………..

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  1. babytyche08 says:

    Great Post!! It seems like you just lost an argument. Perhaps when he grows up he will become a good lawyer or representative. 🙂

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